SteelSeries Dex

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The SteelSeries DeX Gaming Mousepad is the next evolution in highend surfaces. Engineered for maximum glide and longlasting durability its performance is unmatched. DeX features a heavy noslip silicone base with heatbound edging to prevent fraying under longterm use. It is water resistant so you can wash it off when needed. Designed in collaboration with progamers Dex is a highlyresponsive surface that delivers precise mouse tracking. The speedoptimized surface minimizes the feel of friction making it one of the fastest surfaces on the market. It also features a laser etched logo that won't wear down and maintains a smooth glide. * Incredibly low friction for highlyresponsive movements * Precise tracking for optical and laser mice * Heatbound edging prevents fraying * Heavy silicone base prevents pad from sliding * Torture tested and water resistant * Wash with water to clean it off * Designed in collaboration with progamers for unmatched performance * Laser etched logo won't wear down

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SteelSeries Dex

SteelSeries Dex